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Three W of career

Three W Of Career

This is a state in life that is witnessed by everybody, who wanted to be independent.

Three w's are 




Which stream to take?

Where does it lead to?

Whom to contact?

Trust me, we all have these dilemmatic moments in life, when we HAVE to decide our most important step on the career's pathway. We all want to have the career that well give name fame and most important Financial Status in order to decide correct path.

Has to start from scratch?

You may begin by identifying five personalities in three segments of your surroundings.

1.figure out five names of people from your daily life, it could be parents, sibling's, friends, their parents, teacher and others too. Even the number of people helping you on housekeeping or transportation, whom you admired all your life.

2.Five celebrities who you fancy

3.Five names of people you don't like and feel negative with them

Now, pick up the traits of all these people one by one see what do you have common among all these and then see if you possess any of those qualities; for example, you liked your maths teacher very much figure out what unique qualities put her apart from other teachers. It can be anything like her smile, her dressing, sense her patience, when she explained problems. Second, person in your life could be your father's brother because he always supported you in your teens whether it was bunking class or talking on teenage Crush his USP comes out an extravagant happy to go kind of life style and flexible behaviour.

Patience smile friendly behaviour with discipline turn out to be the categories, which made you like them.

Going to celebrities it can be john Abraham, Amitabh Bachchan and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Common Factor in all these is fluctuating career with many ups and downs but constant Desire to remain l on the field and Excel. Last category is negative people with or without your kind of habits and attitude. Here, comes the time to have figured out skills habits qualities which are desirable for you.

This comparison will help you deciding, who you want to be, where you want to be and which industry will finally be yours.

Homework for today

When did you last fight with your brother, sister or parents?

Did you win, surrender or both of you finally arrived at a mutually beneficial solution?

Based on your answers these two questions, we may derive psychometric path for your future.

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