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Coupons & Cash Back Websites Case Study Overview

Case Study Details

Case study will be helpful for  

1.   Clients who are willing to develop or start Coupon and cash back Based Website.

2.   Website owners who are studying and analyzing their websites and trying to compute why they are not getting users or visits on their Coupon and cash back based website.

3.   Website owners willing to redesign and upgrade their coupon and cash back websites.

4.   Researchers and Analyst working in domain of Websites and Ecommerce.


This case study is distributed in clearly defined sections and heads

1.   Objectives

2.   Requirements

3.   Analysis

4.   Problems and issues

5.   Solutions

6.   Recommendation




Creating A high transacting, user based, Coupons and Cash Back Website



Requirement for a Coupon and cash back website

1.   Clear Website Design

2.   Easy to navigate Structure

3.   Meaningful pages

4.   Retina- eye Catchy Design

5.   Proper Categorization of Coupons

6.   Easy and manageable Admin panel

7.   Development of scalable and expandable Platform

8.   Proper Tracking and Analytics

9.   Meaningful Reports creation

10.  Responsive, Mobile friendly and mobile application supported Development



An in-depth Analysis was done for Coupon and Cashback websites and specialized focused areas were chosen as follows

1.   Landing Area

2.   Banner: Size And Information

3.   Menu Bar

4.   Search Box

5.   Log In/ Sign Up Region

6.   Help And Support Pages

7.   First Scroll

8.   Category Creation

9.   Stores Display

10.  Middle Section Page

11.  Bottom Area

12.  Footer Region

13.  Analytics For Different Pages

14.  User Tracking And Expired/ Non-Working/ Discontinued Coupons


Problems and issues

Following were the Problems and issues found on Coupons and cash back websites and on related websites in the same domain

1.   Most of the websites lacks proper banner size to landing page ratio

2.   Landing Area is either to less informative, focus only on self-promotive ads or over loaded with information

3.   Need to understand what are the best suited options users look for and then arrange categories accordingly

4.   Proper store management and display

5.   Text to picture ratio is overly exploited

6.   Too much to show on single page

7.   Pressure to sell

8.   Same content and offers on competitor’s websites

9.   Designing a clear and easily understandable website navigation for users

10.  How to leave a positive impact on visitors so that they visit again

11.  Administrative, tracking and coupons updates issues

12.  Data security, user’s details management and payments to users



To overcome the problems and issues with comprehensive approach to focus on Analyzed area the following points can be incorporated in coupons and cash back websites

1.   Landing Area must be optimized according to the number of items to be shown. Popular stores should be placed upfront only if banners and menu items seems unable to accommodate popular store

2.   Banner size must be according to the layout design however top to bottom spacing with respect to landing Area must be considered with items to be displayed

3.   Menu bar items must have all ideally needed sections, smartly categories for easy search

4.   Search Box have to be at any prominent area which is easy to spot

5.   Log in/ Sign up region are basically accustomed at top right of the screen but its position depends according to the layout design

6.   Help and support pages must be positioned at top and at the bottom of page however it should be easy to spot and must also be searched enable from search box

7.   First scroll must be able to display most popular stores, cash backs, range of categories or solve common problem like how one can get cash back etc.

8.   Category creation should follow easy to navigate method with Top stores, Best offers, General Categories, today’s offers being shown in it.

9.   Stores display will be considered complete and of acceptable standards only if it has proper information of store, proper images, upto date coupons, information of how many users has successfully got the cashback or used this coupon and other items related to its usage and products.

10.  Middle section page should be used for displaying Generally used coupons, your online or television based adds, news in media and for achieving task of confidence building measures. It can also be used for placing banners, promos etc.

11.  Bottom area should be clean and straight forward with testimonials, additional offers and Gifts, news from popular stores, curtain raisers launches, social media pages connect, site map and navigations.

12.  Footer Region can be used for providing extended information about website, contact numbers, email ids, terms and conditions, policies and newsletters and other subscriptions etc.

13.  Analytics for different pages must be created by using analytics code by dynamic implementation and also allow custom code placement for modified analytics and reporting.

14.  User tracking and expired/ non-working/ discontinued coupons can be solved by using check query from admin panel and hide/ show options or time bound display options.




1.   All those items users are generally looking for should be presented within first scroll so that user need not to search for it

2.   Profile area must provide All those items “predictively” which a user might now be looking for, straight forward method

3.   Do not over send mails to users, it just irritates

4.   Always keep an open window for recommendations and suggestions from website users

5.   Smooth colors and edges should be used rather than box method

6.   Do not focus too much on googles points for Ranking, instead focus on users, visitors and clients

7.   Pop us, add extension button, send notifications, confirmation before leaving pages, register for newsletters etc. must be minimized on first time landing

8.   Proper font size and color must be used

9.   Removal of non-necessary information just for ranking

10.    Remember users do not read, they just scan pages

11.    Avoid excessive animations and colors

12.    Remove or move non active offers to separate regions

13.    No Fake promises should be make

14.    Easily accessible Contact us

15.    Optimize website according to Google recommendations

16.    Ask friends and acquaintances to spread word of mouth

17.    Encourage frequent website visitors and loyal customers

18.    Remember All visitors and customers are important

19.    Re-structure business processes, Re-design methods, Re-design the website, Re-calibrate the budgets and expenditures, focus more on customers and services, Re-write the business plans and targets as you scale up with the help of business development experts to keep up with the organizational goals and growth

20.    Last and the most important thing is to use digital marketing for increasing users on websites, after all bringing users to website is the first step for overall business Growth


The above case study will allow users to understand several key zones related to Coupons and Cash back websites and other websites in the same domain, however It may or may not apply to your website hence do consult specialist before implementing the above stated points or you can contact us for further and accurate analysis of your website and support. We recommend users should Use the information with caution and at their own risk.


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