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Fashion Website Clothes Website Online Apparel Shopping Website Case Study Overview

Case Study Details

Case study will be helpful for 

1.   Clients who are willing to develop or start fashion website, clothes website, online apparel based shopping Website.

2.   Website owners who are studying and analyzing their websites and trying to compute why they are not getting users or visits on their fashion website, clothes website, online apparel based shopping Website.

3.   Website owners willing to redesign and upgrade their fashion website, clothes website, online apparel based shopping Website.

4.   Researchers and Analyst working in domain of fashion Websites, Ecommerce website, clothes selling portals, online shopping website and related domains.


This case study is distributed in clearly defined sections and heads

1.   Objectives

2.   Requirements

3.   Analysis

4.   Problems and issues

5.   Solutions

6.   Recommendation



To establish several elements on fashion, clothes, online apparel based shopping Website which makes such website readily accepted by visitors



To Establish the Requirements for starting fashion, clothes, online apparel based shopping Website development

1.   Ready to Sell product based Website Design

2.   Easy navigating Structure with in Website

3.   Retina- eye Catchy Design

4.   Identifiable categories and menu bars

5.   Highly configurable Admin panel

6.   Easy to expand Platform

7.   Tracking and Analytics on Pages

8.     Responsiveness and Mobile friendly design

9.     Elegant and uniqueness factors

10.  Love to scroll design

11.  Explore website more factors





An in-depth Analysis was done for fashion, clothes, online apparel based shopping Website and specialized focused areas were chosen as follows

1.   Landing Area

2.   Banners

3.   Menu Bar

4.   Search Box

5.   Log In/ Sign Up Region

6.   Help And Support Pages

7.   First Scroll

8.   Categories

9.   Middle Section

10.  Bottom Area

11.  Footer Region

12.  Analytics

13.  User Tracking

14.  Delivery information and Delivery Tracking

15.  Product Returns and policies

16.  Payments

17.  FAQ section


Problems and issues

1.   Landing Area size is difficult to calibrate according to vast menu sections and images

2.   Login and Registration next to Banner on landing page disrupt the view of landing pages

3.   Banners size and style mismatches due to the themes and different product ranges

4.   Menu Bar is most controversial so as to understand how the segmentation should be done.

5.   Search Box placement and sizes

6.   Log In/ Sign Up Region module should work like a popup or different page opening based modules.

7.   Help And Support Pages often have large items to display

8.   First Scroll regions should focus on products, discounts, payments or what?

9.   Categories creation and display with T method, scroll method or ever growing dynamic sections.

10.                Middle Section confusion for display of products, banners, videos, ads or focus on user concerns should be taken care off.

11.  Bottom Area is most forgotten and clutter zone due to lack of understanding of developers in context of how to keep visitors engaged, optimization of pictures, stores and race for Ranking in Search Engines.

12.  Footer Region problem arises when testimonials, reviews, updates sections, connect with us, site maps, page links and social media pages’ updates grow larger. These items make this section look least organized.

13.  Analytics is issue in such a website to understand which item should be focused and prominently shown.

14.  User Tracking for correct payments and reports is issue when product names are similar.

15.  Delivery information and Delivery Tracking display section on pages, profiles and help and support region sometimes make it difficult to locate and tend to confuse readers.

16.  Product Returns and policies are not generally read by users due to which it creates confusion as what policy prevails on what category of product, timelines and deductions on product returns will be applicable.

17.  Payments methods, supported banks, safety and security of payments is biggest issue from users/ buyer’s perspectives.

18.  FAQ section issues related to where to search and what should be the heads of Different concerns.





1.   Landing Area must speak about fashion, style, fresh products and focus on statements with pictures makes landing area highly communicable

2.   Banners may be designed with flashy colors but color calibration should be kept in mind. Banner size can also vary however it is largely dependent on number of items to be shown prominently on menu bar and adjacent to banners.

3.   Menu Bar must be designed while keeping easy to navigate and logical categorization of items

4.   Search Box which can search almost all the categories, stores, items, products must be created on the landing area. Regarding size, it is a good practice to use auto expanding Search bars as they consume less space.

5.   Log In/ Sign Up Region should be either pop up based or separate page however tracking on pop ups is tough hence choice entirely depends upon the strategy and details of reports

6.   Help And Support Pages must have multiple links to get accessed from, prominently from landing area, discussion sections, bottom and even on profile area.

7.   First Scroll should represents fantastically arranged product pictures. All category or may be most popular categories should be covered within first scroll.

8.   Categories should be represented in menu bar and on middle pages, Middle page’s category representation ensures that no prominently shown brand, product or item is scrolled over unseen.

9.   Middle Section design should be according to the theme and layout. It is good to change the color or use different colors as seen in contrast with top and bottom. This opens up the eye catchy design method where website can even display items which are less related to dominant categories but buyers may be interested in. this ensures visitors to have a look at this section.

10.                Bottom Area design must include small representation of categories, images from different sections, offers, discounts and stuff which can again compel a buyer to click on it and move to inner pages. By this user engagement can be kept for longer duration than otherwise.

11.                Footer Region must properly place policies, terms and conditions, product returning time duration, cancelation policies and must talk about why they are secure with this website. This section should avoid over doing with text as it tends to look bit shabby if texts is more than space and pictures.

12.                Footer must also include easy navigation links for better searching and navigation

13.                Analytics placements is highly important as it will help in understanding the user patterns. Do understand the users flow and re-design pages to overcome the drop rate.

14.                User Tracking must begin as soon as user land to page, this will help in understanding what people are interested in and this will also solve the problem of offering multiple offers in which they might be interested in.

15.                Delivery information and Delivery Tracking region must be easy to access and readily available to answers most of the questions users might be having in their mind while placing the order. Best practice is to display such information at the middle of the detail page from where add to cart option comes. This will solve the problems related to confusion in buyers mind which persist at the time of ordering in regards to Time of delivery and how to track it after a day or so.

16.                Product Returns and policies can be placed at the bottom section on inner pages where the delivery information has been shown. This will take care of issues and forefront questions buyers ask to clear their doubts before making purchases. This will help in building confidence and trust among buyers that they are buying from website which takes care of its customers.

17.                Product returns and policies must have multiple access from profile area, home page, inner pages and from FAQ section as well. This will guide buyers how different policies govern different products and they will get informed before they call up the Contact us numbers.

18.                Payments are the most important part on such websites. All payment related policies, banking partners, discounts available with different payment channels, offers in market must be clearly visible on payment area.

19.                For security of Payment, use SSL and also implement Https, this will ensure the trust of customers in website. This also helps in overcoming the fear of buyers regarding their money and payment hence a note should also be written next to payment details where one should mention what measures this website has taken to keep them, their data and payment secure.

20.                FAQ section must be designed to provide all Answers in most comprehensive, robust, clear and unambiguous method. FAQ section must thank readers to land up on this section, don’t forget how Customer care department of best MNC’s greet their customers, this will help in building a stronger relationship with customers.

21.                Wherever Pictorial representation is needed with textual information like how to make payment, why you are secure with us, how your website handle deliveries etc. must be used. Remember one Pictures is worth thousand words.




1.   Secure shopping is top in the list of concerns in every buyer.

2.   Payment options must include all and most popular payment methods so you don’t lose a customer which was about to place and order.

3.   Globally acceptable pictures must be used so that country, region, religion, ethics and any website visitor should not feel offended.

4.   Understand the difference between Elegant and over exposed photos

5.   Photo and images are the most critical element in such websites so don’t take it lightly

6.   Sense of connect with user must be created.

7.   Supported banks and offers are hugely cherished by visitors so place them with right focus

8.   Remember it is more like personalized shopping and status symbol so offers are not always priority, rather focus should be on product, quality, uniqueness and freshness comes first.

9.   Delivery is very important with ease and speedy delivery are top most concern of buyers. 

10.  Ease of payments and Guarantee of Payment Returns Grows The trust and mutual respect

11.  Create a hassle free product return section for establishing confidence and trust of customers with website.

12.  Do not use Themes having endlessly growing pages and items

13.  Use vibrant colors and use nicely calibrated Colors on pictures and banners.

14.  Heavy images should be used only when it is unavoidable, preferable to use selection option for uses in inner/ product page for displaying high resolution images.

15.  Calibrate pictures size according to bandwidth and speed of internet connection of user.      

16.  Distance from camera and model should be same in all pictures (or may be in the particular section) and the background should be calibrated with color themes or patters for geometrically correct images and pictures

17.  Optimize website for view, details, pictures, screen sizes, responsiveness and Google

18.  Ask friends, initial buyers, acquaintances to Write testimonials.

19.  frequent visitors and loyal customers should be rewarded

20.  Re-structure business processes, Re-design the website, Re-design methods, focus more on customers and services, Re-calibrate the budgets and expenditures, Re-write the business plans and targets as you scale up with the help of business development experts to keep up with the organizational goals and growth

21.  Most important is to use digital marketing services for increasing users on websites and Business Development Services to understand how to retain clients



The above case study will allow users to understand several key zones related to fashion, clothes, online apparel based shopping Website and other websites in the same domain, however It may or may not apply to your website hence do consult specialist before implementing the above stated points or you can contact us for further and accurate analysis of your website and support. We recommend users should Use the information with caution and at their own risk.


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