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Website Legal Services

Website Legal Services is part of HubDigiTech Offering where we provide services of legal write ups for Websites, portals, ecommerce services and other web based services where website policy, website terms and conditions, payment policies, payment terms and conditions, Ecommerce website policies etc. are done. It is not just a simple content writing, we have our team of legal experts which provides their valuable inputs to design your website policies and terms & conditions such as to provide you with good safeguards. Our legal experts understand the online digital world, online buyers and other customers and thus deliver website legal services in such a comprehensive manner that your website runs perfectly without any legal glitches. This is not any ordinary service which can be fulfilled by any content writing team, you need legal experts to examine your statement in terms & conditions to provide you maximum safeguard. Many websites neglect its importance or undervalue it due to which they just copy past such terms or get written by normal content writing team without any legal expert in team and thus face the consequences later on. We are here to protect your online world and keep things easy for you, thus we have our expert legal advisers who can offers such services to your website, portal, ecommerce service and for other web based services

Website Privacy Policy

Website Privacy policy creates a frame work where your website and business declares how you collect the data from users and how it will be used. This is an extensively important piece of information heavily demanded in India and overseas. All websites which can open in India and specially in UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia and other countries have strict laws and penalties for collection of data from users and Method of using such data. If it is not technically written, then such sites and businesses can face penalties. At HubDigiTech we have our legal Experts who provide such technical written website privacy policy which will be accepted worldwide and will safeguard your website and business on online digital arena

Website Terms & Conditions

It is Important to mention and declare Website Terms and conditions because online all the data is available freely but all the data or information cannot be refer. It is all based upon the judgement of the users how that data on your website can be used thus it may cause serious issues if it is taken into considerations and used as reference for series objectives, such data can also be produced in court of law and slightest imperfections in your website data can cause serious damage to website online services. Thus it is highly recommended to mention the terms and conditions of the website and how your website can be used and this must be done by qualified and experienced Legal experts. We highly recommend our clients not to get such important documents written by any content team or copy past from other websites because in both the cases the purpose cannot be fulfilled and it is important to keep in mind that copying data from other websites and displaying on your website is illegal and thus original legal draft is important in such regards. We at HubDigiTech offers such services to our clients to safeguard their website from legal twists 

Website Payment Policies

Payment Policies Guides the online buyer how the payment will be done and how his/her data would be saved. Together with this it also guides policies framing refunds, discounts, offers, timelines for payments and other associated policies. All Policies related to payments are guided and implied according to the law of land i.e. from where the service is provided and taken, Any imperfections in such policies are strictly penalized under law hence if your website involves payments either directly or indirectly then it is highly advisable that your website payment policies should be written by Legal and technical experts together. Unless it is done correctly by experts, such a draft will not provide adequate safeguard to you, your business and your website. HubDigiTech is committed in offering such services to our clients who have their websites, portals, or other web based services related to payments

E Commerce Website Policies

Ecommerce is the hottest place around the world on internet platform where more and more buyers are buying and selling items from daily use to specialized needs. Business houses tend to forget the boundaries and guidelines crafted by several government of respective states and countries controlling the buying/ selling arena of services and goods. One country/ state has some rules and other county/ state has different. This is very complex set of website policies involving items/ commodities and other goods and services inclusive of countless guidelines in context of products, its quality, product taxes and rules, delivery guidelines, product return guidelines and much wider range of rules and regulations involving such items. We have our Team of Specialist writers which includes Legal Experts who can help you in framing Ecommerce Website Polices 


HubDigiTech is Hub of all the Services which are delivered to our clients as and when needed. We understand each business has different working model hence the services from its online identities are also different. From HubDigiTech we provide several legal services for websites which will help you to protect your websites and online business from legal issues. Such a kind of document is not general and need expert legal professionals to draft and then technical writers who can add technical points to such draft as technical points are from design, database and other structure developments and technologies which are different from Legal points. Thus our team sit together and then prepare a document for you which will protect and safeguard your online business through website policies, terms and conditions respectfully acknowledged in different states and countries in the world from where your website or online services can be accessed  

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