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Additional Services

At HubDigiTech we have range of Web services, Digital Services, Software, Engineering Solution services, IT technical support services, security Services and many such services which help our clients to get all the services and expert consulting at one place. This allows us to server all our clients with best of our knowledge and experience of all experts from several departments. we understand that different business has different requirement and these requirements keeps on changing with respect to time, stage, level, size and other associated components. Thus we keep all our expert services ready for you whenever you need to have it. We provide wide range of Additional services like Business Development Consulting, Website optimization, Web hosting and domain booking, website health reporting and many more services which can add up value for our clients, to know more about our services please read on the following sections

Website Optimization

Website optimization is the process where the web development team at HubDigiTech works on your website to optimize it for several search engines, algorithms, for speed, accuracy, delivery, safety & security, ranking, structure of website, removal of errors, request send to server, time taken to process requests, database connectivity, data fetching sequences and much more which will impact the website in all terms. This Service is carried by Web Development team, SEO team and with assistance from Technical teams from Database and Servers. This will help your website to load faster, look good and fetch more enquiries by optimizing several components of your website

Website Security Auditing & Securing

Website Security Auditing and Securing is specialized Service from HubDigiTech. We will provide you with the Auditing Results done by our experts. With the help of Auditing it will uncover the weak zones, danger zones, exposed zones of your website, portal, software and other online services. Accordingly, our team will work on Securing your web arena. Security is the biggest concern for every business whether they have a single website or a complete business running online. Our Experts will do the rigorous work of Securing your digital world so that you can concentrate on your Business Growth 

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateways Integration from HubDigiTech will provide you with assistance in integration of several different gateways. Designing and Developing a web service is easier however to develop and integrate a secure Payment Gateway is altogether a different task. There are several different payment Gateways and payment Accepting e- wallets with different pricing, policies and implementation issues that customers tend to get confused as what should be used and how it is to be implemented. Our team has extensive experience in integration of wide variety of payment Gateways and online payment Solutions. We can help you in finding and implementing the right Payment Gateway for your business website and other digital platforms

SSL Authentication

Security is top concern for all businesses running online. SSL Authentication; Secure Socket Layer enabled websites are much more secure and readily trusted by users that they are inclined towards such websites having SSL authentication that they even don’t step out on any other website which is not secured. Our Web Development Team will help you in integrating SSL on your website. With this your website will get https: enabled website with Green Colored lock with Green color on your website initials loudly speaking about your security on website and concern for safety of your website visitors which will help in building a trust and belief of your online visitors with your website or other web services

Email Solutions

Email Solutions will benefit the customers who are looking for Advertise their services or products to much larger base of users or potential customers who will be interested in using their product or service by sending them beautiful emails. Our web team is equipped to design and implement Email Solutions on your web site from where web admins can send newsletters, weekly or monthly mails, new promo product updates etc. to the users who have registered with website to receive such emails. Such mailers can also be send to list of potential customers with the help of same utility. Our Emailing Solutions have clean Design and interface which will help your business Growth by enabling emailing features through your website control panel or admin panel 

Website Migration

HubDigiTech Saves you from facing the Toughest task businesses Faces on online digital world while Migrating website from one platform to another and keep the integrity of system as before. The same situation arises when online utility, ERP, CRM, CMS or other online services, Software etc. needed to be migrated to other platforms. Our team of experts have extensive experience in providing you with the service of Migration of wide variety of segments like Website, online solutions, custom software, upgrading of systems, changing technologies, changing languages, implementing other segments, upgrading to faster performing servers and databases etc. At HubDigiTech we can help you in all segments of upgradation and migrations of systems and databases. Our migration will also provide comparison analysis to compute the total advantage and benefit achieved by Migration from existing system to new upgraded architecture 

Web Hosting

HubDigiTech Being a Complete Web and Engineering Solution Company, we provide you with the best in industry Web Hosting Solutions which will perform pas per your desires. We have Linux hosting and Microsoft hosting servers which will help you in hosting your websites, online solutions, web based services to your clients, blogs, news utilities, portal, CRM, CMS, ERP’s, Ecommerce solutions and much more. Our servers are high performing and will help you in achieving your Online Targets and Goals with much ease. We have already hosted many websites and web enabled services of our clients from India and Abroad on our servers

Domain Booking

Domain Booking Service Will Help you in booking the domain for your website. Not only domain booking Our teams work together to discover the right name for your online business. We have business Development team which understand how the online name will impact your business and people minds, similarly we have SEO team which adds the knowledge of quickly searchable and search engine friendly names. Together with this our SMO teams look for names which are free to acquire on several social media platforms and Technical teams assist to compute with domain extension will help your business much more. Thus all our team work together with you in providing best of the knowledge and experience we have to help you in achieving your online dreams much faster and better 

Web Analytics Integration

Every Online Website, Portal, Ecommerce and other web based services business desperately want to understand who all are coming to their website and how they can Re-align The website to generate more enquiries. Our Web Team Will Assist you in achieving this task by Integrating different types of Web Analytics to your website which will help you in understanding your customer much better than before. Our team of expert have extensive experience in integrating wide range of Web Analytics on diverse industry domain websites and web enabled service providing business houses. Integrating the Right Web Analytics will help you in getting much in-depth information which will be resourceful to your business in all the ways provided Web Analytics has been integrated Perfectly for different pages and modules

Customized Reporting Tools

In the Series of Services to Provide Reporting tools HubDigiTech Has excelled in designing and developing tools which will provide several resourceful reports for and from your business website which will help you in understanding your website users, control your services, your products, Ecommerce items, discounts on websites, offers, users and much more. These Reporting Tools are also designed for In-House work groups, office Staff working, Customized Software and other computer based work and operations. Correct and timely Reports are essential for any business and generating reports from raw and complex data sets is tough, integrating solutions to Get or capture Data, saving data and then processing this data to provide engineered reports are crucial but essentially powerful tool in hands of any business entity. HubDigiTech is committed to Design and Develop such Reporting tools to help and benefit your business

Customized Software Development

Each Business is Different and thus its requirements are also diverse, even same domain business has different method of business operation which cause the development of solutions in a way that it will fulfil the requirements. Customized Software is delivered from our HubDigiTech Development Team where we are committed to design and develop Software solutions which will perform all the task as per your requirement. Our Customized Software are fast, accurate and includes loads of reporting and other features which is highly scalable and manageable. Our Software are durable and secure which will help your business to get automated and Provides you with peace of mind and plenty of time so that you can concentrate on Growth of your business

Google Penalty Recovery

In today’s Online World where day by day more and more businesses are coming online and all are fighting for the top slots on google and other search engines. This has caused serious effect to almost all the websites which were performing as per the laid rules and regulations of Google but things hamper as soon as google updates its algorithm and launches new set of rules and updates. This Shuffles the Website Rankings and many times also penalize some websites who according to google is violating its new set of rules, regulations and policies. This is called google Penalty. Our Digital Experts can help you in Recovering from google Penalty and restore the confidence of your customers in your website and also by helping you in achieving your lost ranking due to google Penalty. Our Professionals in Digital Marketing has in depth understanding on such complex issues and can help you in surpassing google Penalty with ease

Website Health Reporting

Website Health Reporting is another set of Engineered Service from HubDigiTech where our experts will audit your site to compute the health of your website and online presence. This will include your online presence, ranking of your website, rank in your domain of service, ranking among your competitor, performance of SEO, Performance of SMO, trust of users, security and safety, speed, database integrity, standard of coding and much more items which impacts your Website Health

Technical Support

This is Unique Offering from HubDigiTech where we open up our Technical Support team to provide you with the all the range of services one can ask for. Our technical support team is assisted with Our teams as well like Web Development team, Server support team, Database team, Digital Marketing team and other teams which combine work on any Support you possibly need to have. Regardless the institution size, your business domain, size of your company or any other factor our Technical Support team provide you will all services where we can help you which is related to Technical world. Like email issues, server issues, Data bases, computer hardware issues, computer system not performing well, difficulty in understanding software or any online solutions, Guiding and training team and staff for data safety, email ethics, technology, setting up of intranets, Servers, data backups, correction of corrupt data files, recovery of data, file tracking, upgrading your systems or facility, need to compute how much powerful system you would need to perform several task, setting up of computer systems etc. That essentially means for our Technical Support team if it is anything related to Computer Technology then we can help and assist you at the best of our capacity


HubDigiTech Houses several Technical teams which are experts in their domains and have extensive experience in their field and have proven their skill set in wide range of industry. This brings a lot of rich experience to our company which enable us to provide wide range of consultancy services to our customers. From Web teams to digital Marketing team, From Business Development Consulting teams to Legal advising team therefor we are capable in providing A-Z solutions in the field of Technological world. Our Horizon of services cover all the segment and Vertical where we can add value to your business and can help you run your business much better and easier with generating much more profits than before. These Capabilities have positioned HubDigiTech higher than rest, and motivates our Teams to perform and deliver the best and high quality products and services to cater all the needs of our Customers. We can assure you at HubDigiTech all the services and solutions you need for Growth of your business you will get them all at one place, That’s why our customers trust us and call us the Hub of all Digital and Technical services 

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