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Payment Gateway Integration

The payment gateway integration is basically a service which is used to access credit cards, debit cards and net banking transactions whenever you receive online payments from customers for products they ordered or things they used. Payment gateway integration is offered by many banks today so that account holders of that bank can make easy payments as it is not always possible to give a huge amount of money to others but the payment gateways have made this work easier. This service is often provided by other dedicated payment processors. The requirement of an account for payment gateways varies from service to service.


They vary with the requirements described on the websites of most of the gateway payment service providers. Payment gateway integration ensures you that if you are an online website holder, you can remain hassle free in case of handling payments by your customers for the services you provided to them when they were working on your website.


The working of payment gateway integration works as the customer visits the website of the merchant (the one who holds the website) and place the order. After the order is placed the payment method which customer chooses and pays money with is accessed to the merchant's account. It is done as some information in form of payment is passed from customer’s account and firstly the information is checked by bank in which there is account of customer and then that information is passed to the bank in which the merchant holds the account and after verification of all the information money is transferred and hence order is shipped

Benefits Of Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration is the one payment option which is the easiest one to operate. There are many benefits of it and some of those benefits are as follows-

1.  It ensures you secure and on time transaction of money from and to your account.

2.  When you are using payment gateway integration it becomes easy to generate reports, allows you to do to payment settlement and makes an easy account reconciliation process.

3.  If you are buying a product from a country having a currency different than yours then you never need to exchange currency as it enables you to do multi-currency payments.

4.  And the most important benefit of this is that it doesn’t support customer dispute.


It is the easiest way of making payments so in case if you have any website, which is an e-commerce website then you should have an online payments mode as it makes your customer's transaction easy and attracts other customers towards your work

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