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The Power of Social Media

The Power Of Social Media

One post, first like or first share and ready to touch skies, that's the power of launching pad which is given by Social Media. Nearly half the globe is on Social media plate forms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google Plus, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and more and more people are watching Videos on YouTube, vimeo and other video casting websites thus one share of post, idea, text, video can go viral and one can reach half a Globe in just few minutes
Such a high reach opens up a best placed opportunity to be used for marketing hence social Media is considered one of the best medium to reach customers and spread the information about the product or service. One viral topic can reach upto 2 billion users and if videos and posts are combined then no one can estimate the upper threshold reach of Social Media.
To enhance the viral expansion and reach rate of topic, Social media is further powered by blogs, Articles, Press Releases, Photo sharing sites and Infographics, this creates a massive environment which allows a user to reach every corner of the World in just few minutes. The Power of Social Media can be understood by the fact that every important event in any country has a listing on Social Media platforms so whether it may be a Film Release, Elections, Festivals, Social Campaigns, Product Trials and launches, Service inaugurations and so on. 
The Power of Social Media empowers users to creative a massive followings and social media opens up the Gateway for 

1. Global Platform
2. More reach
3. Faster Reach
4. Better connection
5. Gain Customers perspective
6. Faster Feedback from Customers
7. Instant Hit
8. Creates Brands
9. Maximum buyers are online
10. No Geographic boundaries
11. segmented user target
12. Enhance users Confidence on brand
13. Cheaper means of marketing
14. supports offline sales 
15. Creates an impression 
16. Builds Credibility
17. Positive impacts on Sales
18. Low cost Advertising
19. Visibility is higher
20. Overall Helpful in Reputation building

The Power of Social Media is such massive that it creates a sense of human interconnection irrespective of Country, religion, Cast or Society. Each and Every individual become part of Giant Global Internet Family and feels same as others feel at any other part of country, region and even across nations and societies. To harness The Power of Social Media it is always advised to know your customers or receptors of information and plan according to the user. If these factors are kept in mind while designing a social campaign or while doing social Media Marketing, only then The Power of Social Media can actually be harnessed.

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